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Partner Universities




The flexibility of twinning programmes “2+2” are hugely attractive. “2+2” means that you will be studying 2 years at home country for Diploma courses and another 2 years at the overseas university for Degree programmes.

We partner with universities from Taiwan and China so you can travel and gain credit towards your Bachelor’s Degree.


台湾 Taiwan

世新大学 Shih Hsin University

国立台湾艺术大学 National Taiwan University of Arts

铭传大学 Ming Chuan University

淡江大学 Tamkang University

中国文化大学 Chinese Culture University

南华大学 Nanhua University

朝阳科技大学 Chaoyang University of Technology

义守大学 I-Shou University

佛光大学 Fo Guang University

玄奘大学 Hsuan Chuang University

昆山科技大学 Kun Shan University


中国 China

中国传媒大学 Communication University of China

暨南大学 Jinan University

南京大学 Nanjing University